Spring is Irrigation Start-up and mandatory backflow testing time!

Backflow Prevention and Device Testing Water  distribution systems are designed with the intention of the water flowing from  the distribution system to the consumer. If a system is unprotected, it is  possible for water to flow in the opposite direction. This is called backflow and it can compromise the public water supply. Irrigation  systems are required to have a properly working cross-connection control device/backflow device  installed. These devices restrict water flowing from the customer's irrigation  system into the public water supply. Without this device, contamination from  … [Read more...]

It’s time to Mulch!

Mulch in flower beds and at the base of trees does a wonder of good for plants.  It insulates, keeping the temperature more steady and protecting roots from cold snaps and hot spells. It keeps soil moisture from evaporating so you don't have to water as often. It shades out weed seeds so they don't get enough light to sprout. In a ring around a tree trunk, mulch keeps bark-chewing weed eaters and lawn mowers at a safe distance. We recommend organic mulch -- anything that once was a tree -- it breaks down to feed microorganisms that in turn nurture plants and make soil a better home for … [Read more...]

Maintenance Instructions

Maintenance Instructions Beware of Common Plant Killers: Improper application of mulch can kill plants. A 2-3" depth of mulch is ideal. Any deeper than this and most plants will suffocate. Also, more than 1/2" of mulch at the base of the trunk of any plant can eventually be detrimental. Wire used to stake trees can "girdle" or choke the plant, so be sure to check the tightness as the tree grows. After one year, the stakes and wire should be removed from new transplants. Typically, over-watering is the #1 cause for plant decline. Indiana's heavy clay soils can cause a "bathtub" effect, … [Read more...]

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