Lawn Chemicals

K.D. Landscaping has a complete lawn chemical maintenance program for either your lawn, or your bushes and trees. This will keep your yard looking beautiful and your plants and trees healthy.

July – August
Surface Insect Control
This helps conrol insects such as: beetles, fleas, ticks, sod webworms, cutworms, armyworms, etc.

September – October
Slow-Release Granular Fertilizer
This helps the lawn recover from the summer’s heat and stress damage. Liquid Broadleaf Weed Control. Any broadleaf weeds are also treated. (If you are planning on seeding your lawn please let us know, that way we don’t come out and apply herbicide to your newly planted grass seed.)

November – December
High Nitrogen Winter Fertilizer + Weed Control
This helps control the weeds in the spring along with giving your lawn the nutrients it needs for a great looking lawn the following year

Specialty Lawn Care Services
Flea & Tick Control: Primarily applied to back lawns
2 – 3 applications per year

Disease Control/Fungicides
Applications of specialty products slow the spread of disease for up to 21 days. This allows the lawn to recover and grow out of the disease.

A pelletized, fortified lime is applied to neutralize the acidic soil. We recommend this be done annually.
We apply 40 – 50 pounds of lime per 1,000 square feet.

Vegetation Control
Eliminates weeds and weedy grasses from paved sidewalks and curbs.

Extra Application of Grub Control
A single application sometimes just isn’t enough. Recommended for lawns with a history of grub problems.

Shrubbery Care Services
We can set up a personal pesticide program for your plants based on what type of pests that they are susceptible to.
Our program includes 3 applications of insecticide through the season to stop bagworms, and at the same time you will get control of aphids, borers, carpenter ants, japanese beetles, lace bugs and spider mites.

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